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Etcher LaserThe Most Versatile Laser Engraver

Easily create or customize just about anything with the Etcher Laser - a simple and easy-to-use laser engraver/cutter to realize your ideas!

What can the Etcher Laser do?

Having a hard time positioning your design and material?

Easy positioning with the built-in camera

When it comes to laser cutting or etching, you need to position the data in the software on the material you would like to process. There are several ways to do the positioning depending on the machine, but usually, you need to position it according to the position of the laser head, which can be quite difficult to do by eye. Therefore, we’ve installed a camera on the lid so that it can capture the inside of the device and you can adjust the position while you see the material and the data on the software at the same time.


Capture the inside of the device with the built-in camera


Position the data while checking the position of the material

For design beginner

Easy and simple data preparation

You can digitize your hand drawings and illustrations with the Etcher Laser. You can use the app to take a photo and import, and you can also import the data from your smartphone or PC. The desktop software can import designs created in software like Adobe Illustrator or CAD software.

data preparation: illustration-1

Scan a hand drawing or an illustration with the built-in camera


data preparation: illustration-2

Digitize the illustration

data preparation: photo-1

Take a photo on the app


data preparation: photo-2

Digitize the photo

Automate the elaborate processing

Accurate and delicate processing

The Etcher Laser can cut and etch accurately and elaborately. Leave the time-consuming manual or difficult work by hand to the Etcher Laser, and invest your time in your creative work.

delicate cutting paper

Compatible materials

Works on various kinds of material

Etcher Laser can cut/etch on various kinds of material, such as paper, wood, cloth, leather, plastic, food, and more, allowing you many ways to create your idea.

Check the compatible materials

various kinds of material

No material size restrictions

Removable bottom

You can cut or engrave on the materials bigger than the machine by removing the bottom part of the device. Why don’t you try processing larger materials like furniture or a desk?

Watch a video

remove the bottom and process

Different wattage for your needs

2 types of laser power

We have 1.6W and 3.5W laser heads. The higher the laser power is, the shorter the processing time will be, and the thicker material it can cut. Approximately, 1.6W laser can cut up to 1.5mm, and 3.5W laser can cut up to 3mm. 1.6W will be enough if you are using the laser only for engraving.
*Each maximum cutting thickness will differ depending on what kind of material it is. The result may differ depending on the material.

2 types of laser power

Accessory for ventilation

Particle filter for dust and odor

We have a particle filter that helps ensure you’re safe from dust and odor. With the filter, you can use the Etcher Laser in any room. Also, though the Etcher Laser is already equipped with an exhaust fan, we have an optional exhaust fan kit to prevent even more dust and odor.
*Particle filter and Exhaust fan kit cannot be used at the same time.

particle filter

User-friendly software for various devices

Software "SmartDIYs Creator" for controlling Etcher Laser corresponds to PC (Windows, macOS). There is also a dedicated app for smartphones (iOS, Android) available. Both software are free to download and use.

The Most Versatile Laser Engraver

The Most Versatile Laser Engraver

Etcher Laser

Starting at $799

Whether you are a beginner or a laser-cutting expert, Etcher Laser makes it simple with one-touch set up and easy-to-use software. Improve your workflow and advance your creative designs with Etcher Laser’s advanced technology.


Tech Specs

Etcher Laser-1
Etcher Laser-2
Etcher Laser-3
Working Area 11.81×7.80inch (300×198mm)
Laser Type 445nm blue laser diode 1.6W/ 3.5W
CDRH Class 1 laser device
Becomes a CDRH Class 4 laser device only when bottom removal is done
Accessories Safety glasses, USB cable, AC adapter, Height adjustment jig for laser head
Required Power AC100V-240V
Dimensions 22.44×18.50×7.87inch (570×470×200mm)
Operating temperature Below 86 Fahrenheit (30 Celsius)
Continuous operating time Within 60 min
Recommended storage environment Temperature: 41-104 Fahrenheit (5-40 Celsius)
Humidity: 25-50%
Weight 26.5lbs (12.5kg)
Suggested Accessories Pedestal: $199
Particle Filter: $599
Exhaust Fan Kit: $118
Price 1.6W: $799/ 3.5W: $1049

*Refer to FAQ for further spec information.
*There may be some changes in the future for upgrade/improvement.

The Most Versatile Laser Engraver