FABOOL Desktop is software that operates FABOOL products. There are two ways for cutting and engraving: one is the “Vector method” where the laser moves along a line, and the other is “Raster method” where the laser moves horizontally as it fills up the area.

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Laser Cutter and Engraver, FABOOL Desktop UI on the computer

About FABOOL Desktop

You can import various forms of saved data

You can import various forms of saved data

Because FABOOL Desktop reads various types of data such as svg, jpg, png etc, you can easily create your own data with the software you are familiar with.

How to drop the image off on FABOOL Desktop

Easy to import and edit the data

This software let you handle your data easily. Your requests like transferring, zooming in and out, spinning and so on can be done by drag-and-drop.

How the preset parameter looks like

Preset parameter

This software has preset parameter which holds parameter information for various materials. You waste no time to adjust it anymore.

Preset images in FABOOL Desktop

No data ?? That's fine!

This software has some kinds of graphic, so you are ready to go even if you have no data with you!

Before Start Processing

Create data with drawing/design software you want.
Create data by using drawing/desig softwares
Import data to the FABOOL Desktop and set parameters.
Import data into our designated software (For importable file types, please refer to “Product Specification”).
Start with FABOOL products.
You are ready to start processing with FABOOL Laser!

Product Summary

Supported Products FABOOL Laser Mini, FABOOL Laser CO2, FABOOL Laser DS
Supported OS Windows7 and more, Mac10.11.6 El capitan and more
Supported File png, jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, tif, svg, dxf
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