All prices are in US dollars.

For Shipments to EU countries, ordered goods have the possibility to be stopped at a customs due to restrictions. Customer may have to go to a customs to receive it. In such a case, please note that customer is responsible for all expenses related to it by yourself.

We generally ship items out within one week after your order.If we anticipate a longer lead time, it will be noted in the item description.

We ship items to the following countries.The prices listed here are the freight of sending one FABOOL Laser Mini or FABOOL Laser CO2 to each regions.To see the freight of other products, please proceed with the checkout process. It will shows the shipping cost before entering payment method.

Countries FABOOL Laser Mini FABOOL Laser CO2 FABOOL Laser DS
United States $20 $120 $220
Canada $25 $150 $275
Germany $40 $240 $440
Switzerland $40 $240 $440
United Kingdom $40 $240 $440
Australia $30 $180 $330
New Zealand $30 $180 $330