Exhaust Fan Kit for FABOOL Laser CO2

$148.00 USD

An extension part for dispelling smoke and odors out of the working area.

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An exhaust fan kit for dispelling smoke emitted during cutting and engraving. The FABOOL Laser CO2 comes pre-set with a ventilation port, making it possible to conveniently dispel smoke and odors accumulated in the product by connecting the exhaust duct.

The kit includes: fan body, plastic duct x2, hose clip x 2

Supported Model FABOOL Laser CO2
Air Flow 165㎥/h
Rotation 1850RPM
Size of the Body 11.9×7.4×8inch (303×188×203mm)
Operation Temperature -4~140F (-20~60℃)
Length of Aluminum Duct ~78.7inch (2000mm)
Power Supply AC 100-240V (50Hz/60Hz)