3.5W Laser Head for FABOOL Laser Mini

$348.00 USD

A laser head upgrade to increase the processing power of the FABOOL Laser Mini from 1.6W to 3.5W.

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This kit allows you to upgrade the processing power of the FABOOL Laser Mini (1.6W model) to 3.5W.

*This item includes a PCB board.

Upgrading Processing Power

■ Cutting Even Thicker Materials

For example, the 1.6W laser head only cuts materials up to 2mm, while the 3.5W laser head cuts up to 4mm.

■ Improving Cutting Speed/Time

When cutting plywood under the same conditions, the 3.5W laser head does its job in 1/2 time compared to the 1.6W laser head. However, there is no significant difference in processable materials. (For instance, clear acrylic is difficult to cut both with the 1.6W and 3.5W laser heads.)

*This product's processing quality depends on assembly and setting environment.