Yummy food print


Etch on food! These cute images are perfect for macarons and cookies. The surface is burnt by laser heat, so they're safe to eat! *Please note if you plan to etch and eat food, you should use a laser dedicated to food, to avoid mixing in particles frm other materials.

Format: scpj

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Finished Size(data size and product size): Original data: 2 in. for eggs, 4 in for "Happy Easter". Macarons 1.5 in., Data in images: ~1 in. Cookie: ~2.5 in., Data: ~1.5 in. 

Materials To do (Recommendation): Macaron/ Coockie (Plane)

Where you can buy the material:

Parameter: Macaron: 1000/100/1, Cookie: 250/100/1

TIme: 2'10" for 4 macarons., 6'10" for 1 cookie

Product we used: 3.5W Etcher Laser

Published: 4/1/2020

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